About B Starz Academy

A performing arts club where kids take the lead, learn new skills and challenge
themselves to be the very best in a supportive and fun environment. At B Starz Academy we find the focus in the free spirited. Our friendly performing arts school invites enthusiastic and creative kids aged 5-14 to try out all elements of performance, whether that’s acting, singing, dancing or all three!

 Our dynamic classes are designed to develop youth confidence and creativity whilst learning fantastic performance skills in a safe and encouraging environment. No two classes are ever the same but the pathways we go on are spontaneous and rewarding for all involved. Our pupils can take risks with us and release their inhibitions to prepare them for their journey through school life and beyond.

Every B Starz student has something unique to offer, and it’s our job to find, encourage, and develop it. We are passionate about providing opportunities for each individual student to grow and master their skills, whether it’s just for fun or to potentially pursue a career in the industry. The B Starz Academy team comprises industry professionals and highly skilled, enthusiastic and experienced teachers who are passionate about nurturing this safe environment for their students to thrive in.

Founder / Director


Jasmine is passionate about providing an inclusive, fun and engaging learning environment for students who enjoy performing arts and those wishing to build a career in the industry. Having trained in Musical Theatre at Mountview Academy, Jasmine has worked as a professional performer for over 20 years throughout the UK and internationally including stage productions, TV, and Live Events.

As a parent she understands first-hand the complexity in providing constant creative stimulation during the school breaks and holidays. B Starz Academy was created as an extended family environment where children feel safe and secure and are always looking forward to returning. The B Starz teachers strive to keep their lessons relevant and exciting with their focus to provide many opportunities for their students to grow through experiences and performance.

Working towards a variety of individual and performance related goals each term is always fun and stimulating for everyone involved – this makes B Starz Academy a very special, happy place where everyone has the opportunity to shine brighter after every class. Jasmine is aware that while some pupils may desire a career in the industry, others may merely share a love of it – what’s important to Jasmine and her team is the life skills that these children gain from the moment they walk in the door.

"Giving children a creative platform where they feel safe and secure is more important than ever. I want B Starz to feel like an extended family to my pupils, a place where they feel supported and encouraged throughout their school life and beyond"
Founder and Director of B Starz Academy